Tampines Central Park

As promised, I am posting up an artwork I did for 3D lesson. I was supposed to draw a place that is in one of my earliest memories as a source of inspiration for a model we are going to build. I remembered a lot of my childhood spent in the Tampines Central Park, simply because it was so darn near to my home. Everytime my mum sent me to school on a bicycle we’d always pass by that park. Fond memories.

Decided on using pastels, even though I have never used them before. Started out pretty bad, and I got into sort of a depressive state. If you saw the artwork a few minutes after I started you’ll understand why. I wasn’t sure how to control the colours. Thankfully someone was there to guide me and give me hope. :) Completed it in about 2-3 hours. Drawn from memory.

Now, it’s nothing to brag about. It isn’t like a masterpiece or something. It was my first attempt at pastels and I hope to use them more often although it’s quite difficult to preserve the artwork. It’s like charcoal with colour!

I like to look back and see my progress from time to time, and also to give everyone an idea what I am up to in school. So here goes:

If you are wondering what those white orb thingies are, they’re supposed to be part of a lens flare. Looks like I need to do more studies on that.

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