Androids, Dinosaurs & Mayhem

I had no experience with After Effects prior to this, and we were desperate to produce a really cool intro video for our ADM freshman orientation camp. With one week left and no one else to ask for help, I went for an After Effects crash course, learning everything online. Managed to complete this in about 3 days. Music is God Put A Smile Upon Your Face by Mark Ronson Feat. The Daptone Horns.

After Effects really rocks man. I had no idea it had 3D features, and automatic motion blur. It’s quite sad I didn’t know how to use it in time to include some nifty special effects in my short film, The Last Date.

If you have any questions regarding how I made this, feel free to drop me an email in the contact section! Also, since now I am able to make motion graphics, I am adding this to my resume! If you need anyone to create a video thats something like this, contact me too!

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