Laundry Day Exclusive 1 Minute Preview

Like everything on this site, I allocated a ridiculously short amount of time to complete this. It’s still a work in progress. Only 20% completed, so that’s where the bulk of my December holidays is going to. Feel free to drop any critiques!

Visit the Laundry Day production blog at!

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  • sarang

    Intrigued by grandma’s determination (and underwear choices) and loving the colours, shadows & shaped. I look forward to more!

  • Davier

    thanks! hope I complete it soon!

  • jarrold

    Hi stumbled on your site from your LX3 comments. Nice work! The under garments are cute. Great to see animated version of Singapore!

  • Davier

    thanks man. that was sort of my goal when I entered animation. show people a version of Singapore no one has ever seen.

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