This is Davier


I am Davier Yoon, and contrary to what my name might suggest, I am neither French nor Korean. My first name Davier was a result of me being born in the Xavier ward of a local private hospital, and my surname Yoon was anglicised (innacurately) by a random governmental official from the cantonese word Yuen.

I am a Singaporean, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I love our culture, our food, our weather and our accent (yes we do have an accent). I have travelled far and wide and I still get the warm fuzzy feeling when my plane hits the tarmac in Changi Airport.

I am 25 this year.

I have just graduated fromĀ Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media. I was pursuing a degree in Digital Animation. After 12 years of following what everyone (parents) have been telling me to do, I opted for a change back in 2006. I ditched a life of Engineering, that would probably give stability, for a life of endless overtime, low wage, missed family appointments. Not to mention this industry is still in its infancy in Singapore. We’ll see how things go.

I am a geek. I love to play around with gadgets, tinkle with websites like these and engage in technology discussions. I own a Macbook, but I also have two Windows computers. I surf tech blogs and forums and that usually results in me purchasing some random gadget that I’ll never use again. Currently my favourite gadget is the iPhone.

I am an artist. I engage in photography with my (vintage) D50 DSLR. I paint with my graphics tablet, although my paintings are still not very good. I design posters, characters for animation, and motion graphics. I animate in Maya and in After Effects. I like things to be beautiful, visually.

I am for hire. Like I have mentioned, I do websites, take photos for events, paint, design and animate. Contact me if you need my services.

Add me on Twitter @reivad.