Number 2

Number 2 for 2 reasons. This was my second stop motion animation ever, and this was the second proper puppet I made, since the first one looked too much like a naked human version of Homer Simpson. Sound effects were once again produced by my vocals, but this time some processor fan interference got in the way of my recording, and as a result the sound sounds more shitty than it was originally.

Didn’t really like how the animation turned out, but I guess I’ll upload it just so everyone who is the least bit interested can log my process. Like my parents.

Wind Walk

Did this as an exercise for stop motion class this semester. It was to practice animating a walk cycle against a strong wind. The reason why the dude fell was because the wire armature broke. Turned out to be right on cue though. Might develop this into a full length feature film in the future.

Yup, that’s my face there. All sound effects were produced from my mouth.

Paper Jam

Yes I know I should have uploaded this onto my blog a long long time ago but guess what? I was lazy. Here it is, the non youtubed version. Something tells me I’ve got to delete the one on youtube.

Anyway for the uninitiated, this was the final assignment for my Intro to 3D production course at NTU’s School of Art, Design & Media. My first attempt at 3D animation and Maya. Let me know what you guys think in the shoutbox.


Haven’t been posting stuff for a long time. This is one of the things I’ve been so busy with. Will probably do the texturing next week. This looks simple, but i had a tough time figuring out mental ray and subsurface scattering and final gather and global illumination. Still lots to learn man.

Androids, Dinosaurs & Mayhem


Little India





Tampines Central Park

As promised, I am posting up an artwork I did for 3D lesson. I was supposed to draw a place that is in one of my earliest memories as a source of inspiration for a model we are going to build. I remembered a lot of my childhood spent in the Tampines Central Park, simply because it was so darn near to my home. Everytime my mum sent me to school on a bicycle we’d always pass by that park. Fond memories.


this is what i do.

Pen rendering of hip bone. Actual size is A3.

Nude woman sitting rendered in charcoal.

Nude woman sitting rendered in chalk.

Logo for my hall block. The avengers are mythical servants of the Egyptian god Horus. Supposed to have the head of a hawk but I accidentally drew the head of an eagle instead. Did the hawk but they preferred the eagle.

For 2D lesson. Might mean something.


 {jgxtimg src:=[images/stories/chernobyl/chernobyllargeweb.jpg] width:=[400]}

(Click to enlarge) 

I was looking around for subjects to draw and I found a picture of this 13 year old boy in an issue of National Geographic. The boy, Dima Bogdanovich, was born in the region surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant which exploded in 1986. He developed thyroid cancer, although it was unlikely because of the radiation, as the radioactivity that causes thyroid cancer decayed soon after the accident.

You can view the the process of how I painted this picture in photoshop by clicking the images below. Altogether I took about 2 whole nights painting this. I first started out with a very crude sketch of his head, then i added some shading to give myself a better idea of how the light is reflected off his face. Then slowly i fine tuned each area of the face, touching up, adding more colours and details.

{jgxgal folder:=[images/stories/chernobyl/making] cols:=[3]} 

They say what you draw reflects your state of mind. Couldn't agree more. 


Tablets are lots of fun.

Tablets are teh bomb. Never knew I could have so much fun with it. I can erase any mistake I make totally and I can choose any colour I want. 


I can start out with a simple sketch.


Colour in a pair of arms.


One leg.


Two legs.


Put on a pair of bottoms.


Add a shirt and a head!


Erase outlines, and tada! 

Reference from a photo my friend Rajiv took for me. All in all I took about 4 hours to do this. Gotta work up on my speed, considering that this didn't even have a face for me to draw. 

FYI, I have a 30cm by 30cm 300 dpi version of this, so it's totally printable. If for some reason you want this artwork as a poster please do let me know. 

Ok its 3.30am and I have to work tomorrow. 

Oh yeah I just installed a comments system on this site, so you know what to do! 


I love my tablet.

A few months ago, I bought a Wacom Graphire 4 Graphics Tablet, thinking that drawing on the computer would be as easy as drawing with a pencil and paper. I gave up after a few tries and never got to post any drawings I made with the tablet.

After looking around the NTU ADM forums I got inspired to have another go at it.

The following drawings are drawn by an amateur who has no art background except in secondary school. Viewer discretion is advised.


Relax, I don't hate Ronald Mcdonald so much that I drew his severed head. I was looking around for a face to draw and I found this ice cream container that had been lying around in my room for years (don't ask me why), which had his face on it.


This was drawn from an old picture of me and my cousin Joel sitting on a swing. I chose not to draw him. Contrary to what some of you might think, no, thats not mud. Those are shadows. 

I'll try to come up with at least one drawing a week. No promises. Hope I get better.