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Advanced Drawing V

Advanced Drawing IV

Advanced Drawing I

First lesson was pretty good. Now should I still drop it?


WIP: Concept Art for FYP III




It’s the last week of school, and it’s been a crazy last week. After back to back Business Law and Western Film History examinations I had to rush preproduction work. Managed to complete the above three paintings and a 16 frame colour script within 2 days. On submission day we had to run after our professor to the bus stop just to hand up our preproduction DVD. It was also the first time I brought my tablet to school because I couldnt stand the solitude of working alone in my hostel room.

I’m also one of the lucky few who haven’t finished with their submissions. Still got one more to go – Graphic Storytelling. Woot.

WIP: Concept Art for FYP II




As you can see from my posts, I’ve been producing truckloads of work as the semester ends. Tried a different style for the last image, which has gotten mixed reviews. I don’t really know how to make a chinese landscape painting look colourful and blend into the rest of the shots. Much to learn, I still have. Let me know what you think in the comments!

The Nightmare


Another piece done for Graphic Storytelling class with Sonny Liew. We had 3 weeks to do this, but as always, I ended up rushing it the night before class. I told myself to stop doing that but somehow I still do. It’s a simple piece. We were asked to do something about a nightmare or the worst situation you can imagine yourself to be in. I thought that being dead while you’re still alive was a pretty crappy situation to be in. Second page after the break.


First Attempt at Matchmoving

I thought I had some free time, so I attempted to learn something I’ve always thought was very cool: matchmoving. Turns out a simple matchmove like the one above was quite easy, with Maya Live and a Youtube tutorial at hand. The tough part was making it look seamless when compositing in After Effects. As you can see, I have yet to master that aspect. The live plate was shot using my beloved Panasonic LX3, starring Zhiwei, my cafe shift partner. Ok time to get back to my real work.

Mmmm.. Coffee..


This was a teaser to promote the opening of the new Student Cafe at our school, which was last year.

Freshmen Orientation Camp 2007


I’m not being nostalgic or anything. I just decided to update my portfolio that is my website with works that I should have put up a long time ago. These are the collaterals from the 2007 NTU School of Art, Design & Media Freshmen Orientation Camp. These include the logo, the shirts, the battery we gave out as a doorgift, and the banners that we put around the school during the camp.  The theme was about dinosaurs being brought back to life in the future and then they start fighting with robots. All artwork except the cute dinosaur and robot toys done by me. Those cute figures were designed by Wang Shihui. More after the break.


WIP: My Ah Ma

This comic was done rather hastily due to the past week just rushing stuff to present to Hans Bacher. Not exactly full of good drawings and character design. Spent about one day on this. Posting this up to be critiqued by my Graphic Storytelling teacher Sonny Liew. If you’re looking for an ending, there isn’t, because I just couldn’t finish it.



Katsumi Mukai’s Exhibition at ADM


Katsumi Mukai, the Japanese sculptor that I mentioned a few days ago has set up his exhibition of works he made while gracing our school for the past 2 weeks. Yup, he made all these at our school. In 2 weeks. The exhibition will last till 31st March at NTU, School of Art, Design and Media. More pictures of the opening after the break.


A Little Inspiration To Go a Long Way


Hans Bacher, the legendary production designer for Disney’s Mulan and other great movies came down to NTU to give a lecture on colour and composition. This was a fantastic refresher course in how to create effective images. We often get so bogged down with datelines that we forget to incorporate basic rules of colour and composition in our works. We students need reminders like this every so often. Not to mention the harsh but constructive critiques he gave for all those who dared to approach him for advice. Tough love man.

Japanese Wood Sculptor at ADM


Katsumi Mukai, a Japanese wood sculptor will be in ADM till the 5th of March to conduct workshops. For the rest of you, his sculptures will be displayed on the first level outside of the ADM building. Highly recommended. The sculptures feel very Andy Goldsworthy.

Motion Sketch: Space

Done in half an hour in Deborah’s Motion Graphics class. We were supposed to depict space in this sketch.

How to Remove Your Contact Lens

How to Remove Your Contact Lens

The very first assignment for Sonny Liew’s Graphic Storytelling class. The brief was to create a series of images that would instruct a user to do something. In this case I chose the removal of contact lens. We were also not supposed to use any form of words or dialogue for the instructions.

Laundry Day Exclusive 1 Minute Preview

Like everything on this site, I allocated a ridiculously short amount of time to complete this. It’s still a work in progress. Only 20% completed, so that’s where the bulk of my December holidays is going to. Feel free to drop any critiques!


Cheng Ho

This was an animatic done for storyboarding class. Like the rest of my school assignments I did not have much time for this. Each frame was a quick 15-30 minute painting. Sort of a therapeutic retreat from maya and animation seminar. I miss digital painting.

In Charge

Spent quite a bit of time on these 16 seconds. And it still isn’t as perfect as it could be. I guess i’ll tweak it again for my final showreel. But for now it’s submission. Voice clip from the US version of The Office, performed by Rainn Wilson.


Number 2

Number 2 for 2 reasons. This was my second stop motion animation ever, and this was the second proper puppet I made, since the first one looked too much like a naked human version of Homer Simpson. Sound effects were once again produced by my vocals, but this time some processor fan interference got in the way of my recording, and as a result the sound sounds more shitty than it was originally.

Didn’t really like how the animation turned out, but I guess I’ll upload it just so everyone who is the least bit interested can log my process. Like my parents.

Wind Walk

Did this as an exercise for stop motion class this semester. It was to practice animating a walk cycle against a strong wind. The reason why the dude fell was because the wire armature broke. Turned out to be right on cue though. Might develop this into a full length feature film in the future.

Yup, that’s my face there. All sound effects were produced from my mouth.

Paper Jam

Yes I know I should have uploaded this onto my blog a long long time ago but guess what? I was lazy. Here it is, the non youtubed version. Something tells me I’ve got to delete the one on youtube.

Anyway for the uninitiated, this was the final assignment for my Intro to 3D production course at NTU’s School of Art, Design & Media. My first attempt at 3D animation and Maya. Let me know what you guys think in the shoutbox.


Haven’t been posting stuff for a long time. This is one of the things I’ve been so busy with. Will probably do the texturing next week. This looks simple, but i had a tough time figuring out mental ray and subsurface scattering and final gather and global illumination. Still lots to learn man.

Androids, Dinosaurs & Mayhem


Tampines Central Park

As promised, I am posting up an artwork I did for 3D lesson. I was supposed to draw a place that is in one of my earliest memories as a source of inspiration for a model we are going to build. I remembered a lot of my childhood spent in the Tampines Central Park, simply because it was so darn near to my home. Everytime my mum sent me to school on a bicycle we’d always pass by that park. Fond memories.