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WIP: Concept Art for FYP




These are concept art for our final year project. Done in photoshop. Character designs by groupmate Gavin Tan. Paintings by me. Rushed them out in one night. Loads more to go!

WIP: Dungeon

I’m not sure if falls into concept art or background art, but this is my first foray into painting something from imagination. I was supposed to model this in maya, based on a gestural sketch that someone else did. I couldn’t make out any details from the sketch so I decided to sketch my own. Unable to stop myself, I added colour. I lost track of time and I’m very very far from finishing this, so I thought I’ll just post this up here to log my progress. This has been a humbling experience.



Was hired to create a mockup of a cafe for a client sometime last year. I was given a drawing on a napkin and they expected me to complete a 3D visualisation in a matter of days. That would have been no kick for a seasoned pro, but at that time I was just getting started with maya. Well, needless to say, I pulled it off, but then the image was eventually rejected by the client and I never got paid. So here it is.

Now with the holidays here I finally have the time to upload all the stuff I made in the last semester. Check back for more soon.