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Tampines Central Park

As promised, I am posting up an artwork I did for 3D lesson. I was supposed to draw a place that is in one of my earliest memories as a source of inspiration for a model we are going to build. I remembered a lot of my childhood spent in the Tampines Central Park, simply because it was so darn near to my home. Everytime my mum sent me to school on a bicycle we’d always pass by that park. Fond memories.


this is what i do.

Pen rendering of hip bone. Actual size is A3.

Nude woman sitting rendered in charcoal.

Nude woman sitting rendered in chalk.

Logo for my hall block. The avengers are mythical servants of the Egyptian god Horus. Supposed to have the head of a hawk but I accidentally drew the head of an eagle instead. Did the hawk but they preferred the eagle.

For 2D lesson. Might mean something.


Contrary to popular belief, there is beauty in the NTU campus.