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Eternal Sunshine of the Teaser Trailer

This was done as a final project for my motion graphics class. We were tasked to make a teaser trailer for a film of our choice without any original footage from the film. I chose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Done with Adobe After Effects and Boujou. Music from the OST. Image of Clementine from the motion picture. Background footage shot with my LX3. In case you’re wondering, the words on her face are quotes from Joel and Clementine in the film. Wanted to try something experimental.

My motion graphics class is having a screening tomorrow (14th April) at the ADM Auditorium at 7pm. See you there!

The Little Low Light Wonder


Took this photo in the bus last night on our way back using the Panasonic LX3 from our motion graphic class’ excursion to Lights and Shadows, the post production company I worked in as an intern last December. I dare say I wouldn’t be able to take such a photo using my current DSLR setup. The LX3′s large aperture and optical image stabilizer really helped a lot to reduce the effects of camera shake. Click on the picture for the full, and browser unfriendly picture.

Motion Sketch: Space

Done in half an hour in Deborah’s Motion Graphics class. We were supposed to depict space in this sketch.

Androids, Dinosaurs & Mayhem