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My Paternal Grandmother

NTU + LX3 + B&W


Pretty good combination I would say.

Spring in NTU


Sure, NTU has been getting some pretty bad press lately, but it looks like our garden campus just showed us what it was really capable of in the last week. Beautiful white and pink flowers have been blooming around the campus, and they look almost like cherry blossoms. I thought I’d go for a walk and take some pictures with my trusty LX3. Enjoy the full gallery after the break.


Little India


Colours of the Night.

Sitting in the front seat of the top level of a double decker bus driving through heavy rain does make one reflect about things that need reflecting upon. That was probably the longest sentence ever used in this blog but I don’t care. It was really therapeutic watching the rain drops on the windows and the lights zooming past. So much so that I had to take a few shots with my camera, not concentrating on the composition but on the wonderful colours of the night. I arranged them all into a mosaic so you can see them all at once.

Cliche Stock Photos.

A few days ago, I took some cliche stock photoish kind of pictures just because I was bored. Didn’t post process it until today because I was just so busy trying to find a job. I wish people realise how at least a pleasant looking website would improve their businesses. There are too many gaudy sites out there created by people who think they can be called a designer because they know how to use photoshop and go crazy on filters and colours.
Ah yes, this reminds me. My site was featured on The Daily Slurp! They show it only for one day but I’m not complaining. Check it out here .
Anyway, back to the pictures. I’m sure I’ve seen them hundreds of times before. Posting them nevertheless.

Cotton buds.


Back to the Boardwalk.

Headed down to Changi Boardwalk for the first time in a long time to take photos. Been there many times before with many different people but it somehow feels different this time :). There’s nothing like the sea breeze in your hair and someone else’s hand in yours. Anyway it seems like the boardwalk has been extended or something since the last time i went there. Felt like we were walking a longer distance than before. The Kelong Walk was pretty. Very pretty. Topped it off with a nice dinner at the Changi Village hawker centre. Boy were we tired.Here are the pictures!

Taken at the bus stop near my house. Soaring cranes into the great blue sky.



Contrary to popular belief, there is beauty in the NTU campus.