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WIP: Concept Art for FYP III




It’s the last week of school, and it’s been a crazy last week. After back to back Business Law and Western Film History examinations I had to rush preproduction work. Managed to complete the above three paintings and a 16 frame colour script within 2 days. On submission day we had to run after our professor to the bus stop just to hand up our preproduction DVD. It was also the first time I brought my tablet to school because I couldnt stand the solitude of working alone in my hostel room.

I’m also one of the lucky few who haven’t finished with their submissions. Still got one more to go – Graphic Storytelling. Woot.

How to Remove Your Contact Lens

How to Remove Your Contact Lens

The very first assignment for Sonny Liew’s Graphic Storytelling class. The brief was to create a series of images that would instruct a user to do something. In this case I chose the removal of contact lens. We were also not supposed to use any form of words or dialogue for the instructions.

Sentosa Skyride

Practicing more on my tablet. Since there isnt anyway to bring my whole setup onto the Sentosa Skyride, I have to make do with painting this from a photo Donald took. Tried to use impressionistic methods. Ended up completing this fairly quickly.


Little Girl

Been a long time since I painted with the tablet. Feels good to be back. Feels even better to paint on the screen itself.